Django course part 2

I am planning to buy a django course.
As mosh mentioned in his django tutorial on YouTube the cousre is 10 hr long.
But as i see in the description it is showing 5 hrs long(Django part -1).
If someone is already purchased django course we need a confirmation that, is Django part-2 is available at the end of Django part-1?

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At the moment there is only pt.1, there no date about a pt.2 release but I hope will be asap

Part one was great! I learned so much in in the 4 days it took me to complete it. I can’t wait for part 2. At the end of part one, there is a message that says that he took a couple weeks off before doing part two. So it might be a while.

Is part I complete? Is part II gonna be continuing part I?

Yes. part one is complete. I believe part 2 will continue where part one left off but I have no way of knowing for sure. I hope part 2 covers how to use with front ends because part one didn’t really cover that.

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SO it is “complete” in terms of whole backend development, right?

It’s a good start but it doesn’t cover everything. I used what I learned to build a small Django website for a client. I’d say part one is the fundamentals.

Part 2 of Django course is released guys. You can find it here.