Portfolio for job

Hi everyone, I’m a new member to your community. I’m enjoying the topic discussion ongoing here. I would like to request you to give me a roadmap for starting my portfolio. The thing is I want make a complete portfolio involving (front end & back end) to get a job. But I’m quite unsure where to start and how to start for instances what things should I include in my portfolio and how to start making it step by step. I want to use HTML, CSS, JS, Node.js python, Django and docker. Also, want to make an application using .net MVC. Please give me your suggestion.

Thank you

Hello! Why so many tech stacks? I would pick one, whichever is your favorite, and make an application using that stack. And potentially you can start applying for jobs even before you’ve completely finished your application/portfolio. If you don’t have much experience you might start by looking for a junior developer job or an internship.

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