Problem Building a Web Application

So I have written a program in python code that calculates that value of an item based on the age, price, condition and size. I want to be able to use it in a web application but I am struggling to understand what other languages I will need to learn in order to build my own web application or if I even need to build my own web application from scratch. I have lightly learned python for the program; html/css for some light web design and flask to build the backend (yes its not as good as Django but it was quicker and easier to learn since I am still learning coding).

What has me currently at a stand still is that I am needing to learn Javascript in order to make the front end development (html/css) communicate with the back end if I am understanding Mosh’s tutorials correctly.

My two questions are the following:

  1. Do I even need to be developing my own full stack web application or is there a company out there that has already made a close blue print for what I am looking for/that I could build easier.

  2. If the answer to question #1 is yes I need to build my own full stack web application then should I be working on converting my python program over to Javascript so that it communicates with the front end web development better?

Any help is appreciated, I am not afraid to continue to learn the code necessary just unsure as to what direction I need to be heading next.

Thanks in advance!

If you want to spin up a website fast that gets things done, there are a ton of web authoring sites out there like wordpress, wix, webflow, squarespace. You might have to play with them a bit, but they will eventually get your work done without you having to learn to code.

However, you will have to pay for them. Thats where coding the website yourself comes in handy. Though it may take a bit long, but you can then host it on github pages and use PAS like firebase for your backend and wollah you have a site that is up for free, at least that is how I have 4 of my websites(full-stack) running.

Plus, coding is a useful skill to learn and you can try to learn what is specific to your need and not waste time not waste time on concepts that you dont need immediately.

  1. learn firebase
  2. learn a bit of javascript
  3. learn to host your site of github pages

dont use django cuz it is an overkill for this. dont use any backend framework cuz you will have to spend money on hosting it on a server and it will further complicate stuff where you will have to learn async await etc…

Thank you very much! This is exactly what I was needing!

Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, etc. all have Terms of Service. requires self-hosting and is subject to constant hacking. If you develop your own site outside of these standard approaches, are you also not subject to hacking attacks while not being a part of a supportive community? It seems like a scary proposition to create an interactive site from scratch and keep it running successfully. There seem to be a lot of cons and limited upside - is it worth it?

first, there are a shit load of websites running on wordpress and PHP.

second its not as scary as you make it seem.

third, my lad who asked the question here is a beginner. hope you understand the context and dont confuse the lad here

finally, i am dont want to engage in a keyboard war so iam sorry if i seemed a bit assurtive here because i really want people to get the hands dirty in code and overthinking all minute issues kills that

It is all easy until a person gets a problem that they can’t get out of. Yes, I am a beginner.
Thank you.