Help for the Future

Hello everyone, I’m wondering if anyone knows what to do from here onwards to get a job? I have experience with front and back end with many projects however, with about 3 years of experience and as a college student I just wonder if this is enough for my resume, and that is this really enough to get a job or rather how to? I made many websites, failed, and google so much but how does one succeed? I have searched for it on google but it’s like something that you can’t find except for like experience but the thing is I don’t know where to start as I kind of reached my limit. So I ask those who have taken jobs in the work of front and back end, where do I go from here? Do you guys have a website like Indeed to look for a job and if so what do you look for? I never worked once with front and back end so I want to start out with jobs where I can work with other people to get experience and to learn to become a better coder. Could someone help me with where to go form now and where to search for a job? Thankyou for reading :slight_smile: