Java Related Jobs

I’m finishing the Java Course and I was wondering if someone knows of a way to get a job related to Java or programming in general. I don’t really care about the money, I mean, if I can get it, I have no issues, of course, but my point here is to get experienced and I think working is the best way to get experience.
I hope I can at least get something from where I can get experienced.

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Linkedin learning is a good platform for you. Try it

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Is it helpful for consolidating knowledge? Like, does it test your skills and give you projects to develop? It’s not free so, is it worth it? Likr, whats your experience?

Is it possible to put a certificate in linkedin from here? I guess im kinda useless in linkedin becoz i have no experience nor proof of me knowing anything

Experience is key, and you’re on the right track! Don’t hesitate to check out job boards, connect with professionals on LinkedIn, and maybe even explore internships or entry-level positions to kickstart your journey. Your passion for gaining experience is commendable, and it’ll surely pay off. For some potential job opportunities and useful tips, take a peek at Best of luck on your job search, and here’s to gaining that valuable experience!