What do I do now since I'm lost being in a full stack bootcamp?

I’m about to finish a full stack dev bootcamp and I feel lost in it we covered: Python, JS,React, React Router, Django, ASP.Net, C#, etc. I don’t feel ready to apply for jobs due to everything covered. Should I just start from Python with Mosh?

In my experience, doing a course never prepares one for job. It is the experience that counts, actually working with the code and building projects. A course only will never be enough to prepare you for a job. I would suggest you find a project that you want to build on your own. Then start doing it. You will soon realise that it is tricky and you will have to go back to the course material to find the answers. Or search online for the things you get stuck with. programming is not straight forward, it is like any natural language. You need to use it, struggle with, make a lot of effort and keep going before you can say I am ready for a job!

Thank you Paul for your insight as it’s greatly appreciated sir.