Opening settings.json in VSCode

hey guys, I am working on the complete python mastery course. I had some trouble recently with VSCode - particularly dealing with opening a virtual environment in VSCode on Mac. In the 5th video of the “python packaging index” section, one step that the video goes over is the step of opening the Settings.json file. It requires one to press a button with 3 dots, which then gives the option to open the JSON file. However, I am unable to find those three dots in my VSCode. Furthermore, while I am able to open the settings.json files elsewhere, none of those files are the ones that he goes over in the videos.
I should also add that I didn’t open the settings.json file at the beginning of the python course, so I have never seen what Mosh has opened on my code.
Does anyone have any idea how to open the JSON file?

Try the command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P on Windows) search json and select open workspace settings(Json)

oh thanks i was almost thinking that because i noticed my code runs but the error message got me stocked
also i dont know how to import or put the the cat simile or emoji how do i go about that too

the cat smile you can do click on Edit-> Emojis and symbols
or ctl+cmd+space