"Missing module docstring" PyLint error

mosh is working on mac and i am having problems with some extension
this thing is really getting confusing
it was quite easy while using pycham pls help me out i dont want to give up on this course

“resource”: “/c:/Users/hp/hello world/app1.py”,
“owner”: “generated_diagnostic_collection_name#0”,
“code”: “C0114:missing-module-docstring”,
“severity”: 2,
“message”: “Missing module docstring”,
“source”: “Pylint”,
“startLineNumber”: 1,
“startColumn”: 1,
“endLineNumber”: 1,
“endColumn”: 1

That is a linting “error” from PyLint. You can ignore them or tell PyLint to stop reporting those. It should not stop your program from running.

This seems to be the standard guide for configuration of PyLint in VSCode: Linting Python in Visual Studio Code


oh thanks i was almost thinking that because i noticed my code runs but the error message got me stocked
also i dont know how to import or put the the cat simile or emoji how do i go about that too

You mean this: :smile_cat:?

You can use the emoji button in the editor or type the literal: :smile_cat: