Pylint C0103 and C0114

Hi, I keep getting these errors coming up on my problems tab. I am brand new to coding and just going through the python videos. How do I go about fixing these problems?

Pylint is just a linting system that is warning you about so-called “style violations” that try to make the codebase more uniform and generally discourage bad practices. You can ignore them if you want.

C0103: invalid-name / C0103 - Pylint 2.16.0-dev documentation

Basically that one says your variable names are not following the proper style. There are a number of ways it could be invalid and it depends on the context. Usually the linter says more details.

C0114: missing-module-docstring / C0114 - Pylint 2.16.0-dev documentation

This one is telling you to add a “module documentation string” describing your code module. It wants you to add a string like this at the top of your code file:

"""Description of what your module does."""