Hi, I'm a beginner to python. as I'm running my program it works perfectly but I can see a message in problem saying that missing module docstring pylint(missing-module-docstring). can someone help me to fix this bug

Actually its not a big deal. Docstrings are just for documentation (in Your example - for documenting the content of a module or file). You can just add docstring on top of the file:

“”" This file is for blah blah blah “”"

or simply turn of this messages in VSCode. To do so - find settings.json and add:

"python.linting.pylintArgs": ["--disable=C0111"],

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thank you so much for the help.

I’ve stumbled on that before, these two links may help you:


both describe expected style of your code, and VSCode checks if you compy that through the chosen “linter”, in your case the linter is “Pylint”
Hope this helps.