NodeJS course npm version


In your NodeJS course, npm package section, you said to use version 5.5.1 for npm. However, I found it incompatible with my node version. I had to restore the latest version.

I wanna ask if it is really a big deal. I have some experience with C++/python before, do you think I have to stick to version 5.5.1?


hi CataCaster, Im using nom 8.3.1 and half way through course. To be honest I dont really study what the courses say because several sections in different courses I have done/am doing are out of date so you have to find solutions and at no time have I found that being up-to-date was a problem, while at times, it is a solution.

I just now have this same issue. NPM version 5.5.1 is not compatible with Node version 16.whatever now in April 2022. I think we just have to revert back to the latest version of NPM.

hi Anon21 I posted problems and solutions for the completed node course along with my package.json so the versions I am using can be checked and it all works. Im running Windows 10.

I AM BULDING A SOCIAL MEDIA API but it has been too tough


check out Brad Shiffs “React for the rest of us” on Udemy. From section 2 the course is building a social media type app. Might give you some ideas.

k thanks a lot! but i am building a API not the frontend part

Brad Traversy has a react course which has real world 4 projects including a app using modern react and firebase 9 and a full stack MERN app

In windows, you have to delete your c:\users<username>\appdata\roaming\npm folder. Don’t worry, NPM is installed within C:\Program Files\nodejs\node_modules\npm\bin and will work. Doing this will make the 5.5.1 version go away and be compatible with your Node. Then npm will work fine.

so you know, I went through the reinstalling mess then had to resort to a whole lot of system analysis to get to the real issue with this.


Thank you so much @kdc100 this tip solved my problem, i was stuck for quite a while