Using up to date packages in the react native course

I went through Mosh’s course (which is 100% definitely the best purchase I have made this year :grinning:), but I forced myself to use the latest libraries and refactored any backwards incompatible code.

If it’s of any use to anyone, I put the refactored code on my github which you can get here:

There weren’t that many changes tbh but I thought I’d share it with you all in case it helps anyone.

Thanks for doing this, I’ve been trying to refactor some of it to work with sdk 47 but I’ve been having some trouble.
What Ive done is run
npm install,
expo upgrade
and then when I try to run npm start it tells me I have to run npm install which fails unless I use force. Then I’m not sure if Im getting the proper functionality out of the program, some functions dont appear to work.

Guess I spoke too soon. Your code isnt at the url.

@yadayada the link works fine? it takes you to my github repository!

It shows me that dreaded “page not found” page. I think the repository is private.

Are you able to open the link in incognito or private mode?

Apologies, it was indeed set with visibility private! It is public now!