Updated Backend source file

Hi Mosh and guys…

New in react native, trying to learn everything…
Just like to know if do you have any updated Backend source file for the
The Ultimate React Native Series: Advanced Concepts.

I hope you are providing new updates, since it is already outdated.


I think by outdated you mean the Expo version used in the course has been deprecated.

This is an issue with tools like React Native and Expo which release new versions so frequently. Unfortunately, the course is unlikely to get updated. The good thing is that you can upgrade the versions and in case of trouble, you can people here.

Happy coding!

@sufian.babri It’s the backend node code that doesn’t work.
@r0tiBoy I’ve just fixed with this comment to upgrade the sharp dependency: Error with React Native Backend npm i (Networking - 2) - #2 by andresMiranda