The Ultimate React Native Series: Advances Concepts BROKEN source code

Has anyone else found the code provided for this course entirely broken? I simply cannot start following along because I found myself with error after error. It if it aint the node version, it is babel, or expo-cli, or some odd import. So frustrating. Sorry, I know i’m just venting here. I’ll come back when I’m able to fix everything and list everything that doesn’t work.

Hi Msalimbene, yes, there were a lot of workarounds from the get go. Many parts deprecated, and I gave up trying to include Android to be able to work through the videos. Did a lot of reading of expo documentation, and I got through all the Fundamentals, now on Advanced Concepts Networking where, of course, the backend was not able to run. Found a workaround on that too (you might see my 10 forms post about this). I’m definitely no expert lol but can point you to what worked for me at least to be able to continue through the course. Just remember the backend is locally hosted so even if you wanted to share you app at the end, the database is not hosted on any external server. I was able to build everything in Fundamentals course though. Keep going!

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Thanks Scotty. Thanks for the feedback. I got a bit frustrated but I’m moving forward. I still think the content is great. It’s amazing the speed at which the react-native ecosystem is being updated. So many things got deprecated so fast.