React Native Course - How outdated is it?

How outdated is the course?

I’m shopping around for react native courses. I LOVE Mosh’s style of teaching but fear his course is so old I’m better off slogging through a lesser but more up-to-date course.


I’m completing this course at the moment and that’s all the knowledge I have about React Native, BUT I can give you a few hints just from that:

First of all, a few libraries have changed since this course was recorded, though everything has a solution that you can find on the internet or this forum.
Secondly, if there are new more modern libraries and techniques that people use nowadays, that’s something we will have to research and learn on our own, but Mosh provides you with a lot of knowledge that I’m sure must be still up to date.
At the end of this course, as Mosh guarantees, you will know everything there is to know about React Native fundamentals (and more) and how to build your own app from scratch all the way to the backend and the app store.

All in all, if you love Mosh’s style you should definitely do this course.
(Again, just be sure that you will have to stop the course sometimes and figure out how to solve some things on your specific machine, and also, like every course, be sure that you will have to learn a bit more on your own after the course if you want to catch up with the rest of the world).

Thanks for the helpful advice!

I very recently completed it. This is what I thought:

Wow sounds good! I may just take it.

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I’ve only done the first part of the course, the only really outdated thing to me was the beginning when installing expo and the publishing part. You’re not supposed to install expo globally any more for example and for publishing to EAS you should use the “eas update” command instead. Quite unfortunate to start with outdated stuff but expo has good documentation.