Is this course valuable?

Is this course still update and worth to pay for?

I’ve seen a topic in the forum criticizing a couple of the courses as being outdated. However, in my learning experience I’ve found that the quality of instruction is more important than absolutely up-to-date course material.

I have purchased two other courses on React Native. Of the three instructors, I think Mosh is the best. I learned a lot from this course – I found it to be a good value. (And, his course on Git is also excellent.)

It would be better if Mosh participated in the forum because he could more effectively answer some of the questions vs. what we students try to answer.

Just one opinion.


Hi ,
Hope you are doing well and completed your course.
i just enrolled in The Ultimate React Native Series: Fundamentals.
i want to ask you that is this course outdated ? or if you give me any suggestion to improve my learning i will be thankful to you.
looking forward to your reply .

I purchased the course in December, 2020 and completed it February, 2021. I’m applying all that I learned from Mosh (in this course and in his excellent Git course) as I continue in app development and further learning.

Outdated? Well, the Expo SDK keeps advancing, as does React Native and the many 3rd-party libraries available. So, there may be some library dependency issues that come up and some new techniques that, of course, aren’t in the course. The techniques Mosh teaches, however, all seemed to be current as of the release date of the course. To me, the course was very valuable.

It would be good if Mosh would respond to the questions about updating his courses – but all I see are announcements for new courses.

I’m currently doing a course from this guy – he’s also an excellent instructor:


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