Help choose React course

Hello , i want to know which course is better for learning React and is more update.
Mosh has course of The Ultimate React Native Series and also he has Mastering React
Which course is better?

Mosh’s Ultimate React Native Series goes over designing mobile applications (iOS and Android) and assumes you have experience with React and/or you have taken the Mastering React course.

So, you’ll need to know React well enough before taking the Ultimate React Native course, which you take if you want to design mobile applications with the React Native library.

I learned React (not through Mosh’s Mastering React course) before taking the Ultimate React Native Series courses, and found that the Ultimate React Native Series courses are somewhat up to date, with some things that have been deprecated (e.g., methods from libraries you import during the course) but your code editor and/or google can help you figure out which alternatives to use in those cases. Nevertheless, Mosh’s React Native course(s) are very good, comprehensive, and in my opinion, quite up to date. I haven’t found anything to be super outdated that wasn’t easily fixed.

Maybe i thought both of these courses are teaching one thing but I understand React (JS) is for web and React native is for application.

you said that this course is quite up to date. but take a look at this topic

Thank you very much.

I can only say his React Native courses are somewhat up to date. Like I mentioned, there are some things that I have to do differently but have been able to figure out by googling/looking at my VSCode suggestions.

The topic you shared does suggest that the Mastering React course is outdated

what course do you suggest for react?

react native obviously

no , i mean what course about react js

I learned React through a bootcamp so can’t personally recommend a specific React course sorry

Brad Traversy’s Course on udemy!

he is the best teacher who levels mosh!

Do you mean they are on the same level?

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yes! i mean they r the same becoz they r great teachers and they prepare their students to be job ready

Thank you
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visit : to get coupon codes on his course which r there on udemy

I have no experience with Mosh his React (Native) courses but I like React - The Complete Guide by Academind on Udemy.

Thank you Karan gowda

Do you mean Maximilian?

Yes Maximilian Schwarzmüller.

Thank you William :pray:

Do Moshs courses but also on Udemy there is Brad Schiff - currently doing his and Moshs react courses. Each very good. Different styles/approaches. Have seen other recommendations for Brad Traversy so will also be checking that out.