New react Course!

I’m a girl programmer and a college student, I just bought react course of mosh but ended up to many errors, I’ve search about it and unfortunately it’s already outdated, i think i just waste my money.

Why don’t we ask for updated version of react course with only 1 class based components like other’s react course? Mosh courses is great and good except to his react course it’s obsolete already.


I had some trouble getting started like having to use

npx create-react-app my-app

instead of


as shown in the video. There were also a few things that looked different on my screen that Mosh’s like the function-based App component instead of a Class-based app component, but he explains this later and the vast majority of the coding is same (at least up to 30% of the way through the course where I am now).

If you have specific questions or errors you run into, you can post them here and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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I’m starting this course and it’s a great one … the create-react-app uses webpack and it does cause warning and errors. I fixed it by using Snowpack instead. Solved all my issues. Very easy to use, ex:

npx create-snowpack-app your-app-name --template @snowpack/app-template-react

More info here: snowpack/create-snowpack-app/cli at main · snowpackjs/snowpack · GitHub

Happy coding!!!


Thank you for the info on Snowpack. I started this course a while back but felt like I was over my head so now I’m back.

Thanks for this information. Does Snowpack deal with all the breaking errors in the Master React course?

That worked. Thank you!