Loss of motivation

I don’t know how to continue. I find this really interesting and fun but i can’t find motivation to keep going. I try to do the exercises at the end of the lessons and when I can’t figure them out I lose motivation to keep on going? Has anyone else here dealt with this problems and have solutions that they’ve used to conquer this immense feeling of doubt?

To be honest coding is like any language, you can’t communicate with it well for a long time. For a while your going through the motions and are confused about a lot of things along the way and you can’t reconcile that. However after a while it becomes very rewarding when you understand well enough to start being creative and writing your own code. what determines if this is for you or not i hear often is first are you willing to put up with the frustration, and second does the reward of success overshadow your frustrations along the way.

I like to compare coding to puzzles. Very little of the process is actual coding. So much time is spent troubleshooting and problem solving. That’s really what it is. You feel great when you complete something because you know how hard it was to debug and get working properly.

For example, I wrote an entire application yesterday. I hammered through it and was very impressed with myself. Except, this one icon won’t show up like it’s supposed to. Why not? I don’t know. So today I decided to sort out that issue. I spent the entire day on it and am so frustrated now. It’s WAY harder than it should be. Still not solved.

Point being - that is what programming is. It’s about solving problems. If you finish one problem, you’re immediately on to the next. Just know that so you don’t become too impatient with yourself.

Even I have lost my motivation. I always dreamed of opening a digital marketing agency in Kolkata, but even after so many tries, I have been unsuccessful in doing so. I have lost all hope of succedding further. Don’t know what to do next.