Coding in General

Hey everyone,
I am facing an issue while I code what I am trying to say is I can code I know the syntax and everything but where I get stuck is when I read a question about coding, my brain just goes blank like I cannot think of anything and I cannot code and I have no clue how I can overcome this issue so please can you guys let me know what I should do be better in coding?

Thank You

An idea just occurred to me for the same type of issue. Perhaps start writing a little procedure for doing all of the ordinary things you do in your life. Eg. I wake up and need to arrive at work - what are the necessary things in the correct order (maybe multitasking) to achieve this ‘problem’. What routines can be eliminated? What can be done simultaneously? What can be delegated? What can be done previously or in a loop?. Just a few ideas …cheers Quant.

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I feel you!
Here is what I recommend:

  • Write down about things you have difficulty understanding.

  • Google search for those topics.

  • Ask here what you don’t understand.

If you are having difficulty writing a solution then,

  • write an algorithm: (write about steps you might follow to get a solution. Don’t worry if it’s not correct first time, try to debug (print values and try to figure out if the printing value is intended or not) as you code).

Keep practicing and one day you will certainly be able to code faster and better.


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