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Hi guy I’m someone who is terrible at math, but I recently started learning html and css but I have decided to learn Javascript but I have not been able to answer any of my exercises for control flows by myself. Is coding for me or not. Now I’m lost trying to find way out. Any suggestions for me?. Please respond.

I have good news and bad news for you… all the developers I know are terrible at math as well =D. That’s also the bad news, bc we should be better at math than we are … but I digress.

Coding is for you if you want to code. You don’t have to be good at 1st, and honestly you shouldn’t be. It’s likely totally different than anything you’ve ever done before.

If you have specific code questions, post away, no questions is too trivial. One thing you have to learn in coding at the start, is throw pride out the door and ask every question you don’t know no matter how dumb you think it makes you look. The best way to learn is from others, and others can’t help you if you don’t let your guard down and ask questions.

So, if you take this all the way to career level or if this is just something you want to do as a hobby. I would strongly encourage you to keep going, it’s so much fun and gets better the more you learn.

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Thank and I will definitely keep going. The hardest thing for me is, I don’t have no one to even encourage me when ever I feel discouraged. But you what, I will just keep going. Thank I’m putting my machine on charge again for today.


I suck at math too. I’ve always been not that good (or terrible) unless the subject interested me and I could understand pretty advanced concepts in University.
I believe we could all be good at anything but the thing is : is that thing make you vibe?
If not you won’t grow in that field simply because you won’t provide the necessary efforts. In the opposite situation you will naturally grow. So fortunately if you want to solve a problem you will do your best to solve it and get there on your own.

Simply I won’t go for a C++ dev that codes anything dealing with advanced math or physics. Don’t try to find my name in the credits of Unreal Engine, Unity or Solid Works.

At some point you could work with people good at math whom job it is to bring the formulas you’d implement.

Good Luck

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