Looking for Java learning partner

I saw a similar post for JavaScript and I was wondering if anyone wanted to start this journey together!

I am a 20 year old computer science student from Italy, in my first year, and I started coding just 3 months ago in C (worst start ever tbh), now starting Java.
People 17 to 30 years old would be best!!

Thank you all so much. :smiley:

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hey chiagger, im 19 yo turkish law student. im also starting to learn java. i would love to start learning together!!

Cool!! Contact me on instagram or telegram @chiagger

Hello, is this group still open?

Hey, for sure! Text me on telegram or instagram @chiagger

Hi! Can I join? I am Ej, 21 y/o from the Philippines. Currently, an IT student. Thanks!

Yes! text me on telegram or instagram @chiagger

Hi! can i be part ner, am emmanuel