I'm beginner and I'm proud

Hi my name is takieddine
I from Algeria
And I’m beginner

I’ve a real and practical project in my mind from my work

It is a small website including table with a way to search

And sorry for my broken English I’m trying to learn it


Welcome and good luck on your project!


Good luck on your project!

I think the most important thing in learning web development is consistency. I’m trying to practice my skills every single day in order to get better at it


my method of practicing coding especially html and css is by copying some website that you like, it also makes you feel good that you can clone any website once you are done! Anyways good luck and most importantly Enjoy!


What web site you suggest me

you can watch this guy on youtube called: Servet Gulnaroglu. This guy clones websites, so you can follow along with him or pick websites like these

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Hi, I am having trouble adding the linting python code during this tutorial

Not clear what you are having trouble with and it sounds like you should make a new topic for your issue in the Python category.


i think it may be due to the fact that you are using zsh, according to the python course by mosh, you should be using powershell im pretty sure

nevermind i dont understand your issue though

ولا يهمك اخوي تقي الدين استمر واكيد لكل مجتهد نصيب

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السلام العليكم
فرحت اني لقيت عربي هنا
اذا امكن واتساب او فيس بوك حتى نقدر نوصل بيك

اعطيك استقرامي ؟ لأني ماعندي فيسبوك

ما عندي انستغرام عندي فيس بوك واتساب فيبر ايمو فقط

I have a rough idea of what you just said from Google translate, but perhaps we should keep the forum in English to make sure we are not leaving people out.

You are most welcome to communicate directly or on another platform (it seems you all were discussing other communication options anyway) using whatever language you wish, but as this is a public forum we want to be somewhat inclusive.

do you want the exact translation of what we have been saying ?

No, I am just pointing out that it is polite to keep forums that are open for general public discourse in a consistent language (in this case English). I mostly trust what I could gather from using Google Translate: that you were greeting each other, expressing joy to find another programmer who speaks your language, and then trying to exchange contact information (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc).

It is just a fact that most people reading this forum cannot read what you wrote and it can make people feel excluded which I hope was not your intention. There is a private messaging feature on this forum if you want to send each other private messages in whatever language you prefer, but it would be nice it we could keep our public shared discourse in English so that others do not feel alienated.

you won’t belive how hard i searched for the private messaging icon on his profile at that time and i couldn’t find it , probably because he didn’t earn the degree of trust required to be able to direct message other members , but now he made it and I can see it.
and it is easy for me to write a text in that language without making it easy for google translate to come with a useful translation , in fact , I was carful not to do so because it may make the adminstration feel unsecure if i am publicly exchanging information with someone without adminstration’s supervision .
In anyway I am not going to use any other language whatsoever after your polite instructions about code of communication in this forum , and now you can spend some time looking for a solution to the error I am facing rather than we make this discussion go longer than needed