Im a programmer looking to learn a bit of bot development

I’m a programmer and i was thinking to get into chatbot development services. Not the hardcore software or mobile app development type of AI bots. But i would like to begin with website bot development. Are there any free courses with certificates for HTML, JSS etc? And can anyone tell me where should i begin from?

Generally a free course is not going to offer certificates, but I do not know why you would really care that much about getting a certificate if you just want to learn how to do it.

There are lots of courses out there, many free that can teach you the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but I am a bit surprised you are thinking of those for a chat bot. Typically a chat bot connects to some chat service via an API for that chat service. You can use any language of your choosing which is able to use that API. Some chat services have great support for bots (Google Chat has reasonable support for this) and others actively try to prevent bots. What you are trying to do will be very specific to the particular chat service you are making the bot for. If you are creating a whole chat experience with a bot, that is going to mean even more work than just a chat bot would require since you have to implement lots of chat behavior.

Anyway, good luck on your endeavors!

Thanks for the update. I am planning to apply for the role of an intern at a chatbot development services company and that’s why i needed the certificates. Please let me know if any websites offer free certificates as that would improve my resume.

Which one of the roles out there were you interested in pursuing? On their careers page I saw they were looking for Android, Flutter, Java, Angular, Node.js, .NET, and React JS developers. I did not see much specifically for just basic HTML/CSS/JS (though those would be foundational for a few of the others like Angular and React JS).

Again, there are not many free courses that provide certificates (maybe check Coursera which sometimes has stuff like that). I have never personally heard of one and I have done a number of online courses over the years. If you want to go fast, paying for a one month subscription with Mosh is pretty inexpensive ($29 USD) and he has courses that cover virtually all of those things and his courses provide certificates of completion. If you want just an individual course, you can find some of those for even less.