Kind of Lost on path

Hi Everyone,

Hope ya all doing well and staying safe from viruses.

Anyway, I have got a huge personal interest to learn automate stuff and I am lost on not knowing where should I start.

I have very little coding experiences, beginner in HTML 5 and CSS3. Possible to point me to the right direction on which programming language should I start from?

Thank you in advance for your input and am looking forward.

The HTML5/CSS course is releasing later this week. I think that would be a good start if you are interested in web development. I’ll definitely check that out to enhance my fundamentals as well.

I think you may have got misunderstood on my question but thanks anyway.

Hello @WinterNite ,
It would be very difficult to give you advice on which direction you should take because your question wasn’t specific enough.

If, for example, you wanted to control hardware devices by creating a webpage, you may want to look into Arduino hardware. In particular, SparkFun has an Inventor’s Kit that’s a good start. If you want to create a webpage, you may want to watch Mosh’s recently released (free) HTML Tutorial for Beginners.

However, if you just want to be able to turn on or off devices at home, you could just go on and search for “home automation plugs”. Some are Alexa, Google, or IFTTT compatible. These are very simple to set up.

So, it’s clear that the question is: What language should you start learning?

But first, it’s important to profoundly think about what you’d like to build. What is your concrete (have a few examples) short-term goal? What are your long-term goals? Once you answer these questions, you’ll be in a better position to get advice on what languages you should learn.

I wish you the best of luck.

Hi ChrisUribe,

Would like to apologies on my question is not being clear enough.

Anyway, this is what I wish to do,

Create an automated bot to help to do the job, such as web scrapping.

I hope that’s clear enough :slight_smile:

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Definitely, python would be the most appropriate language for you to learn. Tasks such as automating browser jobs, web scraping (as you mentioned) and a host of other things can be built efficiently with python, and with relatively less complexity than other programming languages.

Since you mentioned you’re just starting out with programming, python also has the added advantage of being incredibly easy to begin with.

Mosh has his own python course, Complete Python Mastery, which you should definitely check out. In module 11, he even teaches the basics of browser automation, web scraping, sending messages and working with excel and PDFs, all using python!

Definitely learn Python. Because it’s very beginner-friendly. You should understand it better from the beginning.

Cool, thanks guys for the advise and i appreciated.

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