I need immediate help

Hi guys!

I started taking this classes literally 10mins ago and I already have a few troubles.

I’m currently working on “Complete Python Mastery” chapter 7 where Mosh talking about downloading extensions. And here are the troubles… oh btw I’m working on Mac.

•First of all, my visual studio code is version 1.61. And apparently, subtle things are slightly different. For example when I downloaded “Python” extension, he has “reload” button yet I didn’t see anything like that button. Is the extension still working? Also when I type control and backtick, nothing happens so I have to pull up the bottom one every time.

•Next, after he downloaded Python extension, he got an error message about pylink. He continued downloaded pylink by clicking the error message. But I didn’t have any message so I looked up pylink and downloaded the one called “Linter”. I don’t think I’m on the right track!!

•Lastly when he talks about changing Python language version, he got the one called Python 3.7 and mine is 3.10. I lost my confidence.

Guys please help me I have looked up those error for like 30 mins but I don’t get any valid information yet.

Hey @James_immature, Welcome to the forums.

  1. The reload button is not necessary as VSCode takes care of it automatically. For me ‘Control’ + ’ ` '(left of #1 key) brings up the terminal. Is that what you are referring to? VSCode does a pretty good job of showing you the short cut when you hover, Or you can change them altogether if you want.

  2. Linting Python in Visual Studio Code (The linter you downloaded is not the same)

  3. You wont notice a different between 3.7 and 3.10 when going through the course. If you ever whant to see the difference (Debugging, learning, etc…) you can look at the “change log” for the software you are using to know if a bug has been fixed or a feature added.

Take a deep breath and keep going. You can do it!

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Hi @TaserFace20 thank you so much for your response !!

I have another question, so if you have time could do please consider reply?
I’ll be really happy to see your help!

So as I followed the lesson last night, on chapter 9 he open Preferences => settings => pen “…” section on the right top corner => open settings of json. I don’t have the “…” section on my VSCode, does that mean I can’t change from python 2.0 to 3.10?

VSCode by default now has a code runner that for me runs python3 without any edits. If you uninstall code runner app(.run), you should see a play button on the top right. For me pressing that button saves the file and executes the python file with python3.

If you still need to get to the settings in json then its not under the 3 dots but to the left of the 3 dots on the settings page.

Also the power of VSCode is through the “command panel”(Shift + CMD + P). From there if you search for settings it will have a JSON option. This “Search bar” is invaluable once you start coding.

Hope this helps.

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Ok so it doesn’t matter if I see

[Running] python -u “/Users/james/Hello World/app.py”

This message when I run the code? Because in the lesson mosh change “python -u” to “python3”

Sorry for asking again and again…

This is still using python 2, it has to be python3 -u. If you are using .run then you have to change the default setting.

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I uninstall .run but I can download it again. So how do I change the default settings ?

When you have the python file open, Do you have the play button on the top right? If you do then it should be on python3(For me it was)

Is the red circle the one we talking about?

Also, why do I get syntax error in the blue circle?

I’m sorry asking you again…

That’s the one. Uninstall “.run” and try again.

If anyone comes looking for an answer using mac as of 2022-01-02T05:00:00Z in user settings type .json then click on the option for split screen.

Once you get to the part with the 3 dots its not there. on the right side there is an icon that looks like a page click that. What was getting me was that I was looking for a lot of text like he has in the video but there isn’t that much text, it was only the option of splitting your view which just did. Now type your comma and " and type code-runner should be automatic from there then just put python3 inside the command lines where its located.