Cannot Find Way To Set Python 3 As Default

Hi All,

I brought Mosh’s course for learning Python and have been going through the basics.
I have come stuck at video 9 which is “running python code”.
I am trying to set visual studio code to use Python 3 but none of the functions shown in the tutorial are available any more as the software has been updated.
I have have watched some other videos but they all show lines of code which simply are no longer there.
I have followed everything from video 1 to the letter but need to set visual studio to use Python 3 (using mac) but I can find nothing at all that works with the latest update.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


First of all U have to install or checkout U install code runner extension in visual code and than in the bottom left corner U have to se Ur python version and the last one when we create any new project we have to name it such as myfirstcode and than use python extension .py which is '' ‘’
check out these things and U would be able to solve ur problem