Complete Python Mastery

Hi There,
I have just purchased the complete Python Mastery Course. I am a beginner here.

In section 1 under " Running Python Code", Mosh explains how change the word python -u into python3 by going into settings > clicking on the 3 dots and choosing <

Unfortunately I do not have those 3 dots to click, instead I have a blue button that says TURN ON SETTINGS SYNC

Any help would be highly appreciated.
Lyndon Menezes

Hi in short this is where I need to be. Attached is below screen.

Once again any help would be highly appreciated.


Take a look at this document…

It may help you.

Hi @NicolasATC Thank you so much for your assistance. I was successfully able to do it.

Many Thanks

Great to know you solved it!

And programming requires a lot of reading… and googling.

Enjoy your journey! :grinning: