Changing python -u to python3 in VSCode running Python

Hello guys, I am Getting Started section, lecture 9: Running Python Code, Mosh shows how to open and change the json settings. My problem is in his video in the version of his Vscode you can place your settings on the write side to overwrite their default. On the latest version of VSCode (1.52.0) I do not have that option. At this time I am unable to change my python -u to python3. Please if anyone else encountered this problem and was able to figure it out I would gladly appreciate the help thank you.

Yeah I had this problem.
Just go to setting and search for json
Then click “Edit in setting.json”
like this:

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Im having the same problem. It looks different in the latest version of VSCode to the video and so Im not sure how to get to the user setting section to make the change to python3.

I have the same issue. I spend a lots of time and i ended watching lots of videos, but I didn’t find a way.

Okay, I managed to it find by searching “settings json”

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 10.49.05

I then selected json instead of ui.

Then also had to type


This then generated the code where the Python settings could be changed- this is also used for referencing to the virtual environment.

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Hi!! This was very helpful. One more q - Did you then edit it in the default settings? In Mosh’s video he goes to User Settings but I don’t have that option.