I can't access the courses that i have bought

I have bought three courses but i only acess “SQL mastery” not other two courses which are “react-18 beginner” and “react-intermediate”.
Can you help me to resolve this issue


does anyone has the same issue?

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Today I have bought the C++ bundle. I could access to the first part, but I can’t access to the other two parts.

i don’t know what is going on.they might be updating the course contents but i am not sure.I just contacted them.Hopefully,they response me back.
Have you ever contacted with them?

Yeah I can’t access my courses either.

Try accessing them from the email then

It says the page could not be found.

The only option left is to mention Mr Mosh in your tweet explaining the problem

how to access them by email?

I am having the same issue as well.


same here, can’t acces neither part 1 or 2 from the React 18 course

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It started working for me now.

what did you do to get it working again?

Same here.I can’t still access react courses

yup.i have the same errors on console

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It works on one of my machines but not the other

It seems that the problem is now fixed, I can access to all the courses.

I can also access the courses today.

I have the same problem too