I am unable to view my purchased courses under my courses

Hello, I have purchased React Bundle from your website, but when I login with gmail I used to purchase, I am not able to see my purchased courses under my courses.

Make sure it is the same email (you should have gotten an email when you purchased the course). If so, you can reach out to @codewithmosh or email support@codewithmosh.com.

Hello @GeetaGhanti!

What is likely causing this is that you might be clicking on a “series” link in your courses. All courses that are part of ‘bundles’ or ‘series’ are included, they are just labeled as Part 1, Part 2, or by their individual course names, etc. in your My Courses section.

Let me know if you’re still having trouble!


Hi Mosh, I purchased your Complete SQL Mastery today 2022-12-12 using PayPal and did not get either an activation link or instructions to access my purchase. My bank shows debit transaction. I also wrote to support@codewithmosh.com and got a generic reply asking me to take this issue to Teachable. When contacting Teachable, they ask to contact you. Can you please help resolve this issue?