I purchased a Course but I dont have it

I purchased yesterday at 10pm the HTML and CSS Bundle with paypal but i still cant watch the course. I also dont see it in my account under the History purchases. I really want to learn but right now i cant really do something. I also send a email to the teachable support and to the Code with mosh support. I live in austria.
If anyone can help me i would be really glad

please answer me someone or answer me @codewithmosh

Yeah, good luck im dealing this to, it has been 3 days teachable support SUCKS

yeah i dont understand why this whole support thing sucks so much

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Hi Max! I’m so sorry you’ve had trouble purchasing your course. We have just responded to your email.

Unfortunately we are unable to view failed payments on our end, but our host Teachable will have access to that information. We’re so sorry we can’t be of more help on our end.