Cannot access courses?

I got the annual subscription yesterday but when going to the “My Courses” tab I don’t see any courses:

If I click on the All Access Subscription box and then a course from inside that bundle I just get redirected back to the “enroll in course” page:

Anyone know how I can access my courses?


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I believe the “all-access…” is clickable.

I can’t access to the courses even after clicking on that box:

It just puts me in a loop between the enroll page and my courses.

That’s strange. Did you try to

If you go to your personal menu/Manage Subscriptions: Do you see your active all-access subscription?

Thanks for the list of things to try, but after doing all that - no luck.

I can tell you what I suspect happened:

I canceled my monthly subscription, then got the annual subscription right after. Now I don’t know whether I was supposed to wait until the monthly one expired completely cause I still had a few days on it, but in my subscriptions page I just see the annual one now.

I don’t know how the system works but my only explanation is that when my monthly one fully expired, it canceled my access to both.


Contact to have that issue fixed.

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I’ve got the exact same problem from the exact same scenario by first having a one-month subscription, paying for the black-week one-year subscription before my one-month had passed, money being drawn from my account ($99) and today, no access at all. Everything similar as to what Alex describes. I’ve been emailing with the teachable-team all day long but the problem persists. I’ve also informed directly to Mosh’ support address, but got a reply instructing to contact the teachable-team regarding such issues. Feeling kind of stuck here…wasted a whole day trying to get back my rightful access, e-mailing screenshots and so on. Teachable-team doesn’t seem to be able to fix this! :angry:

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I’m still waiting to hear back from them, I’m hoping they’ll be able to fix this soon, I don’t want the annual subsciption to turn into a “was supposed to be annual but you lost a few days/weeks/however long it takes” at the beginning.

I was thinking about contacting teachable in case this is more on their end but from what it sounds like I guess they’re not being that useful? :neutral_face:

I am on the same boat. Cannot access any courses after converting monthly subscription
to yearly subscription.

I’m starting to feel “a little bit” disappointed about this…guess this isn’t Mosh’s fault, but hey - I’ve informed both directly to him and to the teachable-team and supplied a lot of documentation without anything happening. It’s really about time our subscriptions start to work again. Kind of dependent on having these C#-courses I was going through…

I created a small video showing the problem. Not able to upload it to this forum, but I’ve shared it from my GoogleDrive. Hopefully it works:

Looks exactly like what my issue was. The only difference was that yours lists all the courses in the “My Courses” tab but everything else is the exact same thing.

They just got back to my original email and fixed my issue about an hour ago, all my progress is back too so hopefully they will do the same for you soon!

Alex, who did you get response from? Mosh or Teach:able?


Mosh’s team email:

It was somebody who works for him.

Also something to note, my gmail kept putting their replys into “Promotions” for whatever reason so I’d make sure you all look out for whether they end up in spam and such.

I’m also back on track! Fantastic! Looks like it was fixed by Mosh’ support team, not the team. Only one strange thing though: under mange subscriptions section I’ve got no visible subscriptions anymore…still I’ve got back my access…well, hopefully it will last. :slight_smile:

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You’re right, it doesn’t list subscriptions under “manage subscriptions” for me either. It must be because that’s teachable’s end. Maybe it’ll take them a second to update that.
I think as long as there’s emails though it should be fine for the future.

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I appreciate the info. I’ve decided to get a refund instead. I really don’t like the teach:able platform and not being able to get support when you need it is unacceptable. So, I’ll just stick with Udemy. Seems to be the best to me.

Thanks for this, I had used the contact form only but have followed up with an email to support, hopefully I can get access soon!

I’m facing the same problem and I tried to send emils to the Mosh team for days but they are not replaing. That’s frustrating.