Subscription problems

I tried all day yesterday but was unable to sign up for the black friday all access subscription deal. I sent a few emails to support but have not heard back anything yet. I unsubscribed as directed in my email then when I tried to subscribe, it said I already had this plan.

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Makes sense. If you unsubscribe you still have access to the courses for the remaining period you paid for. So you probably can’t buy a product that’s currently already active in your account.

I guess you have to wait until support answers (it’s still very very early monday morning there…).

Sam Issue here. I currently have paid for the yearly subscription and now I cannot have any access after canceling the monthly subscription

Same issue here, cancelled monthly and paid for annual under black Friday deal, now unable to access courses… have sent in form contact, I am sure this will be resolved soon :slight_smile: in the meantime back to Cisco Packet Tracer and network configuration… although this is way more fun!

Having the exact same issue. Should I be contacting teach:able instead of trying to get in touch with Mosh?

Did you email I think it is just taking time for them to get back to everyone effected.

Yes I did. I also emailed and at least they responded. However, they acted like this was the first time they heard about this.

To be honest, I’ve dealt with others who have their own “school” and they all respond. It’s disappointing that Mosh can’t be bothered. If he has that many students he should have people who help him.

Further I’ve had another “school” from Teach:able, Academind. I’ve also had a lot of experience with other platforms, mostly Udemy. Teach:able is pretty bad, IMO. And, this kind of support makes it even more so.

If I wasn’t so close to getting to the end of the course I’m taking and I liked most of what Mosh does I wouldn’t have signed up for the year. But it seemed reasonable. If things don’t change I certainly won’t sign up again.