Subscription Cancel


I am trying to take a little break from Code with Mosh and I am trying to cancel my monthly subscription but nothing is appearing in the Manage Subscription tab. If anyone knows what to do please reply.

Never heard of an issue like that. I’d suggest contacting in case of subscription issues you can’t solve by self-servicing.

I have the same issue but Sam are you sure they will reply regarding my refund?

I figured out what was happening with my subscription. I had previously canceled my all access subscription and just got the React course. What I hadn’t realise is that you can only purchase the React course and that is why nothing had appeared in the Manage Subscriptions tab.

I hope this helped at all :slight_smile:

So I should just contact them regarding the refund right?

You should send them a dedicated message asking for a refund. It sounds like these were two completely different issues.

Yep I just did thanks for the help guys