I can't get a refund!

Hello! I’ve bought an all-access subscription for 29$ per month, however I was unable to use it because I caught Covid, so now after 16 days of my subscription being wasted i’m trying to get a refund by emailing support@codewithmosh.com but didn’t get any replies for 2 days… I also read that you can contact Mosh himself through his tweeter but apparently he blocked everyone from messaging him. Does anyone know who else I can contact to request my refund? Thanks.

@codewithmosh should be able to help you. They will probably need the email address used for your subscription.

Also, so sorry to hear you caught COVID. I hope you have a swift recovery.

Can you please explain how to message @codewithmosh? I’m sorry for a dumb question like that, but i’m not used to this kind of forum. Should I do it from my account with which I bought the subscription or?

I think you can click on their username and then click message to send them a direct message. They also monitor these forums when they are @ mentioned.

im afraid that they disabled that function, because it says that if I click on your avatar I can then click on a “Message” button that looks like a mail packaging but there is none.
@codewithmosh please read this topic, because I can’t reach you in any way possible!!!

It’s all good, they contacted me and I got my refund! Glad to know that this whole thing isn’t a scam!

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Dear @codewithmosh ,

I have to break it to you I am not satisfied with these courses. It’s been only 2 days since I bought the all access subscription and I need an immediate refund. I only touched one course that is JavaScript. I am bit tight on money as well as I am from Sri Lanka and I could use that money for something else. Clearly I made a mistake by subscribing here. So please approve my refund. raveenranadewa@gmail.com is my email and this is the email I used to create the codewithmosh account.

Did you email support@codewithmosh.com?


Dear jmrunkle,
Thanks a lot for stepping in. An email came saying “You are receiving a refund”. So am I OK here…? But I haven’t got the money back yet. It might take some time right? @codewithmosh

Yeah, I’d assume it may take a couple days for your account to reflect the refund.


Thanks again! Really appreciate it!!!