How to open editable User Settings on Windows?

Hi guys,

How can I edit the user settings? I was able to open Default Settings.json and see the full list of settings but how to edit them? THANK YOU

I have the same problem on my Mac

I would go to user setting and find executor map and there might be a link says edit in setting.json.
image or click on the little paper with an arrow to open and edit the “python”:“python3”. change the python3 to the virtual python path. Hope it helps. Thank you

Thank you a lot! Now i got the following problem:

Have you any idea on how to fix this? It seems that version 3.7 is used and not version 3.9


Very sorry I don’t know the answer. But I see the "Reason: image not found. " looks like it can’t find something it’s looking for to me. Check out the article below. might help