How to create a link to specific part of our paragraph

Hi again. I would like to know how to create a link, that part of our text linked to another website.
For example here is our paragraph:

p Since the google search engine was created, it helped so many people. /p

Now I want, the word google in my paragraph link to Google webpage.

<p>Since the <a href="">google</a> search engine was created, it helped so many people.</p>

Since the google search engine was created, it helped so many people.

Like this ?

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I really feel the irony of this question. I think we are being trolled. :rofl:

I was not wired to comprehend trolls. :yum:

Hello my friend. What do you mean by Irony? was my question, like a stupid question or what?

From my PoV, your question is so basic that it is weird.


We did not understand your problem.

When I read the title of your question I actually imagined something else and I was about to tell you about anchors.

You can create links that go to a specific paragraph should that paragraph had an anchor. It means that either you can modify the code and add the necessary anchors, either cross your fingers for the devs to add them (communication may help but you have no warranty they will accept your demand).

Hey, Your answer is exactly what I was looking for. You got my point and answered my question. I don’t know how many years you guys have experience but I’m a new bee. For sure my question is very simple for you but for me as a new learner is something new. LOL :slight_smile:

By irony I meant that the content that you literally were typing, “Since the google search engine was created, it helped so many people.” is pointing directly to the tool you needed to answer your question.

It made me laugh, but it was not a stupid question at all. When my mind is feeling like mush at the end of a long day, it is the little things that can crack me up.

LOL, I just wrote that sentence like that, It was just an example, :wink:

I learnt HTML 4 and CSS2 (roughly around year 2k) but I am no expert for those anyway.
Simply I know the concepts and I am OK with searching info on MDN when needs be.

I would say I could be “false beginner” maybe up to intermediate (or somewhere in between).

Anyway, happy if you got your answer. :slight_smile: