I can't turn the color of the link, Please Help!

Even though I follow the whole protocol, it looks like it’s not working.


What about the CSS?
Did you define rules for links?
Could you please share them?

Read this

To style links appropriately, put the :active rule after all other link-related rules, as defined by the LVHA-order : :link:visited:hover:active .


Thanks for the response; it went something like this:

Should you have a specific link to style, rather create a CSS class for that matter.

Now if you want to try your way, just remove the space between a and the square brackets.

The space would mean style an anchor tag which has a child element having an attribute as defined.
If you want to style the anchor itself you shall not put any space in between.

  color: black;

Kind Regards.


Thank you so much! it worked!

Just to correct my previous answer. I did not express my idea correctly.

If you put the space it is not the anchor that gets styled but the element that has the corresponding href.

Happy it works as you want.