Css style sheet cannot change the color


I cannot turn the color to the orange, anyone know the reason?

When I sperate the CSS to other folder, even I type the links code to the html file, those css feature is not exit

however, if I use the CSS style in embedded style sheet, it is work

Can someone tell me what is my problem with my link code?


0style.css is not in the same folder as 0 css providing css.html, so you need to specify where it is. Something like…

<link rel="stylesheet" href="../css/0style.css">

which is saying to go up a folder (the ..) then down into the css folder.


Thank you for your reply, I add css in the front, however, it is still not working, do you have any suggestion?

here is my css style sheet

You need the dot dot slash in front:


It is work now. thank you!