Inheriting property

Screenshot 2022-04-04 131322
Screenshot 2022-04-04 131434
Screenshot 2022-04-04 131507
Hi guys, i am struggling with the inheriting property. I realized that if i set the text decoration property to none inside the menu selector nothing happens. The anchor’s color doesn’t change. I can’t figure out why i need to create a separate rule for links. In the markup the (a) tag is inside the .menu section. So why didn’t it inherit the color? I had to create a separate rule for the a element as you can see.

I think the color for a is inherited from .menu, but most likely your browser has a built-in “user agent stylesheet” that targets a directly, and that takes precedence over the inheritence. You might be able to verify this by using your browser’s developer tools (usually there is a Styles tab where you can see exactly where your elements’ styles are coming from).