Invisible links need help fixing

So I am currently trying to create my first website and after I was done adding the nav links, I then checked live server to see if my links were there and they are not there rather they are invisible I think(check 1st image with flags top right), the code I used in in the 2nd and 3rd image.

Here is the code I used

You put text in the href attributes but not in the body of the anchor (a) elements.

If you want to be able to see the links you need content between the opening <a href="..."> and the closing </a>.

What should I type in?

So rather than:

<a href="HOME"></a>

You need something more like:

<a href="#">HOME</a>

The href attribute is what the anchor points to. If you want the text “HOME” to appear, you need to put it in the body of the <a> tag.

@Yothestudent the answer that jmrunkle gave is correct so I will just give you some more details about why jmrunkle did that:

The href attribute is the attribute where you add an absolute or a relative url for where you want the url to redirect you and in between the <a>"text"</a> goes the text, so if you want it to be invisible just add no text.