How can I make a page similar to this with links?

I have no idea what your background is but I noticed the type of questions you ask pertain to html and css. If you have never looked into it then I would also suggest you check out this path Front-End Path. It should give a good guide to get you going.

If your goal is to make websites as a hobby or for a profession then start with html and css. After taking those you should have a good idea of how to build things you want, without relying on others as much. You will at a minimum have an understanding of what is possible and you can use google to find the documentation to gain even more understanding.

If you want to build more on your websites functionality, continue to the other courses in the path.

Sorry if I am not directly answering your question. I could either say, “you build it will html and css” or I could give you each piece of text you need to enter to make this. I don’t think either are really going to help you.

Btw, I have noticed that there are some new posts here where people are starting out in the front-end realm and are looking for partners. I think this might be something that could check out. You seem to have an abundance of ideas you want to make, maybe they could be team projects.

@Yothestudent Just code :grinning:


I am having challenge finding where to continue my lesson. After subscribing for an All-access subscription for one month, I logged in back this morning (04/10/2022) but can’t see a tab where to continue my tutorial. I only just subscribed few days ago (30/09/2022).

I will be glad if anyone can help me out.