How I remember all these courses

All courses specially design patterns I repeat like 4 and 5 times and still forget !! recruiter ask me like google they expect to get the answer to expression or syntax in a second , I answer I dont remember so they simply say goodbye

what to do ?? I have short memory and I can not move further but I love coding alot

Have you been practicing the exercises? Don’t be discouraged by a bad experience with a particular recruiter. Many companies are looking for software developers and not all of them are going to expect instant answers to trivia questions.

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gone through many interviews over the past 6 years they refuse me if I dont know one single thing

I’m sure the bar is pretty high at a company like Google and I’ve heard of very accomplished engineers being turned down in the technical screen due to just not knowing the particular minutiae that was important to the interviewer. Maybe you’ve had some bad luck and have had a lot of interviews like that? But not all companies are going to turn you down just because you don’t have all the answers.

But, having the answers does help sometimes. What have you been doing to practice the concepts? Have you been building applications? A lot of this stuff is hard to remember for many of us, but practice definitely helps.

yes I try to study with examples . Recruiters ask me verbal and expect to answer at once. some even ask me in devops !! they want one developer to work like 5 persons. some gave me a task then replay we found better answers so after I tried to spend time they choose only one.

I gave up