Help Creating My First JavaScript Program

Hey guys this is my first time ever trying to learn how to code. I am on the “Ultimate Java Part 1: Fundamentals Number 3 “Your First Java Program”” and the video he is teaching is with Java version “12.0.1.” My problem is that I actually have “Oracle OpenJDK version 19.0.1” and mosh and I Do Not have the same steps. Can someone please explain to me how to properly create a new project with my JavaScript 19.0.1?

I remember having seen such question several times in the forums.
The thing is many of the courses are apparently dated and things go on. So when you start a course in 2022 or later, IDEs may have changed several times.

I did not take this particular course and thus I do not know what are possible requirements to create the project. Do you need Maven ? If not and more likely if you just do simple demos, just fill the input boxes and go ahead.

I see there are also advanced settings. You could have taken a screenshot with them unfolded so we can see.


For the advance settings section is says “Module Name” “Content Root” and “Module file location” And no it doesn’t need Maven. I’m just going to take your advice and do the course. Thank you very much for your help.

This is very likely what you should do. Do not let those differences stop you.
Module is a thing that appeared with Java 9. I don’t know much on the subject outside of it allowed to modularize the once humongous monolith rt.jar if I am not mistaken so that your compiled application can just embbed the needed modules instead which means smaller app.
I recently finished a Java training and we never worked with modules.

FYI: Java and JavaScript are two completely different languages with very little in common. Just something to be aware of as you start learning about programming.