Help! Can't find 'out' folder!

Hi everyone, I’m as fresh as it gets when it comes to coding. I was watching the videos and done the first command, but ran into the issue of not having ‘out’ folder in my IntelliJ, see picture attached can someone please explain what has gone wrong? I’ve installed everything required and as per instructions, tried searching for ‘out’ folder but it’s nowhere to be found :frowning:



Based on mu understanding, “out” folder is IntelliJ IDEA’s default folder for compiler output, but when you create your project with Maven they use different folder for the purpose, like “target” folder.
You might want to test it by closing the project and create New Project > in the “New Project” dialog box, select “Java” on the left hand side pane instead of Maven and see what happens.

thanks for reply! I have looked at it earlier and tried opening bunch of new projects all with different settings including Java and it’s still not showing same as Mosh’s tutorial does, any other suggestions?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

So you created a new “Java” project and still no “out” folder created by intelliJ IDEA right? Which version are you using? Are you creating the project in newly created empty folder?

Yes I’ve deleted everything and started fresh again but still the same issue, I’m on IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2022.3.2 and Java SE 19.0.2
See picture attached of what it looks like now

Sir, @yamako is right. You will not always see, or need, an “out” folder because it depends on the build. That is why you have a “target” folder doing the same job as an “out” folder. Therefore you do not have an issue. You can always find your “ou” or “target” folders by manually navigating the libraries of your code wherever that is that you chose to save it. If you choose Maven, Ant, or another build, the folders will have different names but the same end functionality