Need extra help for java programing

Hi, I have just starting to learn “programing in jave”. I am using INTELLJ IDIA IntelliJ IDEA 2023.1.2 (Community Edition)
e version: 17.0.6+10-b829.9 amd64
. I need extra help to start my first program. I have created, on my drive L:/MY LEARNING/learning java WITH MOSH/MY PROJECT/ . I WANT TO SAVE MY PROJECT on this drive. I haven’t understand how to create my first project .name “Wellcome World!” file and store it in my new drive.L. Please Help me to create this project. Your help is greatly appreciated.

When you are in IDEA go to File > open then search for your folder ‘MY PROJECT’ then open it with IDEA.

Once your folder is open in IDEA then you can create and save JAVA files here

Hello. If you want to save on an External Drive on an Apple computer, try the following:

  1. Connect your external drive.
  2. Open your Disk Utility and reformat your drive, or open Finder and right click your drive and choose “format/reformat” drive. Also, here is the Link to the Apple Support site with the Step by Step Instructions on how to reformat your disk on macOS: Erase and reformat a storage device in Disk Utility on Mac - Apple Support
  3. Now you can go to IntelliJ and click on File, and then Save/Save All/Save Project, and choose your external drive.
  4. When you first create a project IntelliJ chooses the save location, Choose change the destination there.
  5. You can Click on your project or the package where your code is and then Click on “Refactor This” on the top and then choose “Move Package or Directory”.
  6. You can click on your project and then press F6 then choose “Move Package or Directory”.