Class vs Function Components

Very disappointed in Mastering React that the focus is on Class components rather than Function Components which are dismissed as “trendy”.

You briefly mention in third section that you will cover Function components later but you only briefly mention this in context in last section of the course. You say its essential you know both but the entire course is based on class components.

Any chance you will create a React course on Function components which appear to be the standard now and not just trendy?

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As far as I remember the basics are there and enough to get started. Then you can go on the Official Docs Topic to deepen your knowledge.

Thanks. I found other courses that were based on functions rather than classes. I just find it more intuitive than classes so would like to see same course using functions.

Hi Kavfam,

Would you mind to recommend the React course, which are based on the Functional components, please?
Your help is much appreciated and thankful.


Yes , i want an Upgrade of the Course for Function Components too. where and to whom to adress this important matter ? at least i need a approximate date , i pay money for the course :confused:

React isnt! Svelte is!