Best Laptop to do Django/Python projects

I’m thinking of buying a new MacBook Pro.

Is that machine capable for a software engineer? Do I need an IBM compatible?

Any comments from someone that actually has built Django projects.

Thank you.

To be completely honest, you can really code on anything.

I believe Mosh uses a MacBook but if you wanted a Windows or even Linux computer, it wouldn’t matter. IBM compatibility isn’t a factor.

There are some tradeoffs for certain technologies, i.e. you need Windows Enterprise, Pro, or Education to run Docker containers on Hyper-V, whereas it runs without major issue on Ubuntu Linux (which is free).

Only things to consider is hard disk space and probably RAM. Especially if you run emulators they tend to eat up RAM so would recommend 12GB+

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Thank you very much. I’m using a MacBookPro yet it’s older so the latest versions of things needed don’t work … I did get through the course yet not with the latest version of Docker nor Python in fact.

So since I am confident I am able to do this I am thinking of getting the latest/greatest MacBookPro.

Thank you very much for replying.