Your learning experience

Hello world, how has your programming learning been so far?

I’m 40 percentages inte c# basic course.

Just did my first exercise and it was really hard. Had to check Mosh solutions before completing it on my own.

I am still interested but learning is steep.

How has your learning been going?

I also wonder if you ever do any front-end work in console?


Been fairly decent, learning is extensive and mostly comprehensive, I’ve had to get some outside source help, for some things that were not covered.

Most front-end work will not be completed in Console, mostly WPF, Windows Applications, or Web, and many others, Console is for beginning the journey, but if you wanted you could design a console application with CLI

Currently on Part 2 of the C# Course, hopefully your journey goes well

Such as here
C# docs - get started, tutorials, reference. | Microsoft Docs